Friday, July 25, 2014

The Sexy Side of Bari-Chunks

The ladies looooooove the Bari-Chunks.  Below is Soprano Danielle Pastin (friend of the Chunks) posing in her brand spanking new Bari-Chunks t-shirt.  This is definitely going on the calendar.  For some reason I really want some pasta now...

Get your Bari-Chunk swag HERE

On a quick serious note, lots of serious and dramatic stuff is happening at The Metropolitan Opera.  An imminent lockout looms, and things are getting extremely heated on both sides.  Because I want to have a career and fear being blacklisted, I am taking the chicken shit way out and not voicing my true opinion.  All I will say is opera is not dying.  It is evolving.  Its not an easy process, but anyone who says the art form is dying, is lying.  And if they lie about one thing, they probably lie about other things.  Stay strong. 

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