Monday, April 11, 2016


Howdy Y'all-

Sorry for the long absence, but you know, sometimes life happens.  Stupid needy life...

Anywho, let's jump back into the BC world.  First up, a quick shout out to Tamara Wilson on her recent win of the Richard Tucker Award!  Not that we needed this award to inform us of how amazing Tammy is as a singer and performer.  Congrats!!

Pictured: Official Bad Ass

Now let's get some new members into the BC family.  First up, a woman who needs no introduction-

What can I say about this women that hasn't already been said?  "Christine Goerke is the Wagner-Strauss soprano we have been waiting for, a multi-hued miracle of gale-force power, and pin point control, effortlessly riding over the most clamoring orchestras." Yeah, she's kind of a big deal.  Her voice is a true tour de force.  My wife describes Ms. Goerke as her spirit animal.  You haven't heard of Le Goerke?  Oh, well I'll give you a few moments while you click on her link above and listen to her for awhile.  No, go on, I'll wait...  You back now?  Well, am I right or what???  And on top of the incredible instrument, she is one of the best colleagues you could ever hope to work with.  Kind, generous, funny, with a magical unicorn voice? Yes please. She is currently singing Brunnhilde at Houston Grand Opera.

Sing loud and carry a big stick. A pointy pointy stick.

"His voice has power and beauty throughout its impressive compass, including a ringing upper register to rival a tenor’s..."  That's a pretty good way of describing Will's voice.  Another would be to say that after 15 seconds of hearing him sing, you start to hate him because of how talented he is.  The man can flat out sing!!  Bonus points for being an all around stand up guy. He's also a ambassador for opera.  Chatting up strangers and locals he meets while out to dinner or at a bar and getting them tickets to the show he is currently in - what a guy! Expanding operas audience - that's what Will Liverman is all about. Also, his original YouTube song cycles are the Die schöne Müllerin of the modern day. Ok ok but did Schubert write a tribute lied to Wendy's? Yeah, didn't think so. Seriously, go watch it. Will is currently gearing up for a Le Comte Ory at Seattle Opera.

There is a zero percent chance most of us will ever look this cool. Ever.

Pictured: Ginger Don Draper

NORM (as he's known to his friends, or maybe it's just me who calls him that) is a native of Hickory, North Carolina.  (How frickin cool is it to be from a town called Hickory, by the way?)  Known for his portrayals of characters such as Tom Rakewell, Ferrando, Tamino, Hoffmann etc etc etc, Norman's singing has been described as "riveting" "impassioned" and a "vocal sensation."  Norman's singing is no joke.  It is the real deal.  He is a gentleman in the truest form of the word and one of the best colleagues you will ever get the chance to work with.  NORM is currently working on, what was it... Oh yeah, West Side Story with Cecilia Bartoli.

Tights wearing skills  = +10

"Wonderfully expressive" baritone Joo Won Kang is originally from South Korea.  He burst on to the American operatic scene with well received performances of roles such as Sharpless, Figaro, Marcello, Onegin, Ford... shit, the guy can sing it all.  The first place and audience choice winner of the 2014 McCammon Vocal Competition isn't too shabby either. His warm full voice is a joy to hear and a friendlier man is hard to find.  He is currently singing Figaro in David Gately's epic production of Il barbiere di Siviglia at Fort Worth Opera, alongside other Bari-Chunk favorites such as Andrew Stenson, Tyler Simpson, and Kyle Albertson.

Accessory game is on point

"Dimitri Pittas, a sensitive a Macduff as you’re likely to hear… responds not with a vengeful howl but in tender tones that make the evening shudder with a spasm of sincerity." Spasm of sincerity. Wow, that is descriptive.  Dimitri is known for his portrayals of such iconic tenor roles as Tamino, Nemorino, Alfredo, Edgardo, Rodolpho, Macduff, Don Carlo, The Duke... My fingers are getting tired typing all those roles.  You get the idea.  Guy does it all and does it well.  His voice makes me spasm with "sincerity."  And as is true of all the people above, Dimitri is a fantastic person and colleague.  No one feels out of place working with him and he just makes you feel at ease.  Damn fine man.

Sergeant Mensch McKickass, at your service

There you go.  Welcome to the BC Nation, y'all!!!!!