Blog Manifesto

Well, here it is. I joked about it for long enough, I figured I might as well follow through on this one. This is Bari-Chunks, a site/blog dedicated to good Baritone, Bass-Baritone, and Bass operatic singing, REGARDLESS of body size. As some of you might know, there is a blog out there entitled Bari-Hunks, a fine blog dedicated to "The Sexiest Baritone Hunks of Opera." The qualifications to be listed on this site are (as far as I can tell)

1. Low Voice
2. Hot Body
3. The ability to carry a tune

And that's fine. That's what that blog looks for in operatic singing. I, and many others, look for more than that. We look for a certain... I don't know what. An X factor if you will. I don't know exactly what it is, but I know its not determined by a man's size (body size, get your minds out of the gutter).  I know plenty of "Big Guys" who can sing their pants off.  So that, and the fact that I have never been listed on Barihunks, went towards the creation of Bari-Chunks.  And boredom.  Must not forget boredom...

I am well aware of the trend in today's opera world.  Sex sells here just as it does everywhere else.  But it can't be the only selling point for this art.  It didn't use to be.  So why is it all that matters now?  What happened to good singing and good acting being what mattered most?  Ah, the good old days...
A few qualifiers;
1. These are my opinions and feelings. This is a blog after all, and nothing on this blog should be taken as fact or anything like that. I'm just having fun, as I hope are anyone who reads this.
2. I am in no way saying that any of the singers listed on Barihunks is not a good singer. In fact, some of good friends are Barihunks. I've worked with others on the list as well. They all seem like good people. In fact, there will most likely be some cross overs.
3. Anyone I list on this blog should know one thing-I AM NOT CALLING YOU FAT. The title of this blog is just a play on words that I find funny.
4. I'm sure many of you know who I (the author of said blog) am. That's fine. I'm just not signing my work. Its not that I'm ashamed of it, I just want to still work in this business and not have anyone trying to kick the crap out of me for something I wrote here.

So, there we are. I hope this gives some people a laugh, or a good singer to look out for. I am up for suggestion on singers or where you think I can place my opinions.  Let the games begin

The Departed