Thursday, May 29, 2014

United We Stand

In light of the recent tongue lashing Tara Erraught had to endure this past month by some "critics" who are unworthy of that title, this video seems very appropriate.  Bad reviews are just a part of the business I guess.  We all get them.  I guess the best we can do is just embrace them and commiserate in our joint dislike.  Enjoy

Bad Singer Reviews #1

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  1. when writing a review, I try to be as careful as possible NOT to hurt anybody. If ever a local singer is miscast, or does not perform convincingly, I do not mention him/her as I certainly do not want to create any obstacle to their career. If a foreigner (considering the possibility that a local singer could have done a much better job) I do mention the shortcomings, but always aiming at being as objective as possible and non-aggressive throughout.