Monday, July 28, 2014

Our Roots are fading. Better get back to them

Where're the Real Men?  Looking over the past few months of Bari-Chunks posts, that's the question I find myself asking.  It seems like we have been neglecting our roots.  Best tend to them.  So without further ado, more low voices for the Bari-Chunk Nation.

First up- David Adam Moore

Well, hello handsome

David Adam Moore, baritone, and poster boy for the Barihunk world (the top search on Barihunk this past month was "David Adam Moore shirtless") has been praised for his "virile command" and "big, handsome voice," David is known for his portrayals of roles such as Mercutio in Romeo et Juliette, Zurga in Pearl Fishers, Silvio in Pagliacci, and a slew of modern opera roles.  This past summer he debuted the role of Joseph DeRocher in Dead Man Walking at Des Moines Metro Opera.  David's portrayal was intellectual, passionate, and just plain badass.  That earns him the Bari-Chunk title.  That, and his devotion to L. Caprice and personal sponsorship of Depends Undergarments.  

Dead "Sexy" Man Walking


Next up- Jason Howard
I don't always sing opera, but when I do it looks this good

International Baritone Jason Howard is known for his powerhouse portrayals of roles such as Wotan, Jochanaan, Rigoletto, Macbeth, Tonio, Emile de Beque, Scarpia...shit, the guy has done everything.  And done it really well.  Called by reviewers, "the Wotan of our age," and "having a substantial range of vocal color," Jason has set his mark upon the opera world, and in a badass way. 


I was not aware of Mr Howard's badassery until a friend was turned on to him. I had the pleasure of sharing a beer with him, and his amazing personality surpasses his fantastic baritone.  Barely.  That makes him an easy addition to the Bari-Chunks Nation.

Lil Wotan

Post Script-
In our continuing endeavor to promote good young singers (ok, its only the second time, but I hope to make it a thing) I'd like to give a quick shout out to young Bari-Chunk Jeff Byrnes.  Known as Hoss to no one but me, Jeff is an up and coming Verdi baritone.  He is the real deal.  Besides his amazing instrument, Jeff is known for his amazing cheap t-shirts.  He is seen here posing in one.  


You will hear this man's name again. World Class.

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