Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kickin it old school

In keeping with the original purpose of Bari-Chunks, here are two amazing singers who deserve some recognition:

Todd Thomas
Renowned Verdi Baritone Todd Thomas has been praised for, well, amazing singing. All over the world. If you ever get a chance to see him do Rigoletto, or anything for that matter, run, do not walk, to see him. Not only does his voice cut deep into what ever room he's singing in, it pierces you. He committal to his character is a sight to be seen. 

Here's his Cortiganni (click photo for YouTube)

Um, I'd scream like a little girl if I saw this in a dark alley...

 He is currently sing Balstrode in Britten's Peter Grimes at Des Moines Metro Opera.

Next up:

Greer Grimsley

Wagnerian Bass-Baritone recently made his long awaited debut singing Wotan at the Metropolitan Opera. Nothing less than spectacular in all 3 shows, Greer has proven himself the leading Wotan in the operatic world. 

Heard he singing a little number from The Flying Dutchman, you can really get a sense of the power and beauty of this mans voice. (Click the picture for the YouTube)

One Wotan to rule them all...

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