Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bloggy blog blogs

Got a couple more blogs for you to follow and/or just check out and/or disregard entirely.

First up- Double D-Vas a blog ' highlighting Divas and their D√©colletage!  There are some really beautiful women in opera, after all...'  Amen!

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This blog is written by friends of the Bari-Chunk Meloni Grossi, Holly Hooters, and Moe TeBot√©. Some of the initial Divas highlighted include: Isabel Leonard, Joyce El-Khoury, and Susanna Phillips. And there is no shortage of gorgeous women to be highlighted. Definitely worth the read...

Next up- Ramblings of a Bald Man. A blog that, well, is exactly what it sounds like. Friend of the Bari-Chunk, Alex Mansoori, jots down his random thoughts with his unique sense of humor. Good stuff.
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